Wiring Electrical

We have the equipment and knowledge to analyze, diagnose and repair all electrical problems on most vehicles, whether this is causing a specific issue with one system, such as your headlights, or a larger issue that prevents you from starting your car.

Modern vehicles have complicated electrical systems that are responsible for everything from starting your car to running your headlights. If you are tired of chasing electrical issues, I & A Automotive can provide the solution.

Headlights not working, car not starting, stalling out while driving…These are all example of issues that can happen when your electrical system simply isn’t working the way it was designed. Electrical issues in a vehicle can be nothing short of frustrating to try to find. The most simple issue – a wire arcing or a ground not properly connected – can leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Electrical issues don’t have to frustrate you. Simply bring your car into the auto repair specialists at I & A Automotive and let us figure out what is causing your electrical issues. We have the most up-to-date diagnostic systems and experienced technicians that can quickly find the problem and recommend the most appropriate solution.

Don’t worry about your car’s electrical problem. Call I & A Automotive today and let us take charge of the issue. Call today for a convenient appointment and friendly service!