Oil Change

Passenger Car Oil Changes with I & A Automotive

Each of these oil changes include I & A Automotive’s complete 20-point service. I & A Automotive complete 20-point service means a lot more than just changing the oil and ensuring the life of your engine. It includes plenty of lubricant as well as inspecting vital fluids and tires, all in only a few minutes.
The I & A Automotive Complete 20-Point Service Includes*:

      • Check and advise on current engine oil condition
      • Drain and refill oil (up to 5 qt. of premium oil)
      • Replace oil filter
      • Lubricate fittings, doors & hood
      • Adjust tire inflation and inspect for wear
      • Inspect light bulbs & headlights
      • Inspect wiper blades
      • Inspect air filte
      • Inspect cabin filter
      • Inspect fuel filter
      • Inspect serpentine belts
      • Inspect PCV valve & breather
      • Check coolant/antifreeze level
      • Check brake fluid**
      • Check and top off washer fluid
      • Check and top off battery fluid
      • Check and top off power steering fluid
      • Check and top off transmission fluid
      • Inspect differential(s) for leaks
             • Inspect transfer case for leaks

Full Synthetic (and dexos1) Oil Change
Complete with Altra SHL premium full synthetic motor oil, which provides the most protection for your engine. Altra SHL 5w30 is also licensed under the new GM dexos1 licensing program.
High Mileage Oil Change
Complete with High Mileage motor oil. High mileage oil reconditions aging seals to prevent oil loss and reduce engine wear, extending the life of higher-mileage engines.
A great service for higher mileage cars that also helps protect against sludge and harmful deposit formations.