Engines and Transmissions

The engine and transmission on a vehicle work together to use fuel and provide power to your automobile. Without these two systems, your vehicle is motionless.

Your engine and transmission are comprised of many different components and systems to make them work properly and efficiently. Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, I & A Automotive technicians have the diagnostic skills and mechanical abilities to properly diagnose and repair problems with your engine or transmission.

Be aware of your check engine light. If it illuminates, your automobile needs to be serviced. Don’t assume the issue is minor and doesn’t require attention. At the same time, don’t panic. There could be a simple reason the lamp has turned on. However, if your Check Engine light is flashing, your vehicle requires immediate attention and you should visit I & A Automotive as soon as possible.

Also pay attention to any changes in your vehicle’s behavior including jerking, steering wheel shaking, grinding, stalling, slow acceleration, strange odors, vibrations or sounds. Articulate any changes in detail to the I & A Automotive service team and they will make sure to address any concerns you may have.