Passing your eCheck & emissions with I & A Automotive

If you live in Northeast Ohio, you may have to visit an E-Check inspection station. E-Check is part of Ohio’s plan to reduce pollutants and contaminants caused by motor vehicles.

Your car’s emission system keeps the engine running efficiently and controls the emissions, exhausts, and pollutants that your vehicle produces. If there is a problem with your emission system, your car may experience reduced gas mileage or may give off pollutants.

If your vehicle fails the E-Check test, the I & A Automotive team can help diagnose and repair any problem with ease. I & A Automotive locations are Ohio E-Check certified and our technicians receive special training to diagnose and repair problems with your emission system. If possible, we will take your vehicle back to E-Check for you to ensure the problem is corrected

eCheck Engine Light

Be aware of  your check engine light. If it illuminates, your automobile needs to be serviced. Don’t assume the issue is minor and doesn’t require attention. At the same time, don’t panic. There could be a simple reason the lamp has turned on. However, if your Check Engine light is flashing, your vehicle requires immediate attention and you should visit I & A Automotive as soon as possible.[/column]